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I’ve been trying to come up with the right words to say today…but there truly are not enough words in the world.

But what I do know is that I can’t sit still, I can’t stay silent, if you know me I’m not the silent type.

I’ve been in the mental health field for 18 years. I see and feel how trauma affects children, adolescents and adults. We all feel it. Some of us don’t want to feel and avoid it and have the “well it’s not me attitude” and/or are focused on the wrong issues. This apathetic attitude no longer serves us well and is no longer acceptable. In fact, it was never serving us well. Ignorance has never been bliss.

We can no longer sit by and let our lack of respect and recognition for mental health treatment and g*n control coexist any longer.

I’m tired. I’m sick to my stomach. This isn’t right. This isn’t fair. I shouldn’t get sick to my stomach and want to vomit when I see the sheriff at my children’s school. I shouldn’t worry every second of the day while they are there. I can’t wrap my head around how are nation’s priorities are so skewed…what have we become? What happened to America?

How to get involved? Contact your state representative and senators. Links are below or in comments.

Want to get involved in mental health care policy? Let’s educate ourselves and here are some links to start (below or in comments).

Have some advice? Suggestions? Please email me.

Think of the families of the mentally ill who cannot receive treatment.

Think of the families of the victims and the survivors as well as the ones of the shooters.

They are all suffering and will grieve for the rest of their lives. Grief doesn’t go away. You don’t get over grief, you grieve, process and learn to accept your new normal without your loved one present.

For those is need, your feelings are valid. Here are some resources:

About Dr. Langman | School Shooters .info

Information on school shootings:

Contact your politician:…/find-your-representative

General Mental illness information, legislation/policy and laws:…/possession-of-a-firearm-by-the……/diagnosis…/drc-20374974…/current-mental-health…

For g*n questions:

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